Agnes Yit

Agnes YIT is a multidisciplinary art and design practitioner born in Malaysia, raised in Singapore, studied and lived in London in the UK for 4 years till 2012, from which she graduated with a Master degree in Architecture from The Architectural Association School of Architecture and was awarded both the AA Diploma in Architecture and the ARB/ RIBA Part 2 Qualification from the Royal Institute of British Architects, adding two more certificates to her previously-awarded 1st- class honours degree in Interior Design. Professionally, she focuses on Architecture, Urbanism, Research and Planning with approximately 15 years of working experience in the Interior design/ Architecture industry, alongside with her art practice which she strives to maintain a balance through the years. Her performance works often executed with the intention of blurring art and architecture by responding to the immediate surrounding within a spatial context, value the present in-accordance with time, consciousness-check through actions and taking into consideration site-specific qualities as a whole. Agnes’ involvement in Performance Art started in 1999 after her initial installation-artworks being exhibited in Singapore, Fukuoka-Japan and Sydney-Australia and since then, she focuses on Performance Art. She has participated in numerous International Performance Art Festivals invited by curators in cities of the Southeast Asia region, Europe, USA, Canada and United Kingdom throughout the last decade. She single- handedly organised STORM Pixxel motion art, a multimedia art event focused on Video Art & LIVE Art under The Esplanade bridge in Singapore, which was first of its kind then and received supportive funding from The National Arts Council, Singapore and multiple Sponsors from technology companies. She has been a member of The Artists Village Singapore since 1998, a non-profitable Art Society which consists of important Artists/ Art Collectives responsible in promoting & reviving Performance Art in Singapore in the last decade, ever-since its formation in 1992. Performance Art allows direct engagement with people at large in our current multi- transitional society and remains a necessary parallel intervention for Agnes, among other pursues relevant in her daily life. Through Performance Art, Agnes uses it as an alternative means to constantly pushing her own mental & physical boundaries and limits, as she spatially engage with her immediate surroundings while consciously race against time & preserving it at specific moments at that instant, experimenting with actions specifically relevant to the present. She has explored and will continue to apply different mediums in her artwork through experimentations. She believe in making direct engagement with people/ audiences through performance art in which serves as a core platform & outlet for her to make her awareness visible & audible and to be felt by the general public. Performance Art practice have provided many possibilities and opportunities for her artistic expressions to be shared with the International Art circuit and vice- versa, which this dual facilitation substantiates engagements & dialogue that are essential in her art practice; a self-initiated continual process which remains relevant for her.


I am an Alien. Image courtesy of the artist.


Drift. Image courtesy of the artist.