Celestina Billington

Celestina Billington is a Houston-based writer, performance artist, and activist. With work that often challenges perspectives on femininity, she is the author of the international interview zine FlamingFemme. The ongoing series features a variety of women artists, from Venice Biennale theatre practitioner Ene-Liis Semper, to Edinburgh festival contortionist Iona Kewney. Solo performances of Celestina’s include the ephemeral social media performance art piece, Abortion Party! a grand-scale, interactive online prank.
At twenty two, Celestina has collaborated on multiple professional projects, including Taisha Paggett’s School for the Movement of the Technicolor People, and Zoukak Theatre’s Innocent Violence. Current and upcoming projects of the artist include EXA and DAMNGXRL, the latter is a Southern feminist booking collective and harassment network working to change the local club, bar, and venue culture.


041416_dabfoto_cc16_innocent_violence_b_023Images courtesy of Dabphotocreative.

Top Image: Courtesy of the artist