‘Erotic Zones of Encounter’

Through performance art, poetry, and music, Raindawg presses against social constructions of the self, society, and sexuality with the intent to disconnect the transcendent self from the mental constructs of ego and personality, through erotic encounter. Within these zones of erotic encounter, the artist and others are liberated from inhibiting mental constructs to pursue a higher state of consciousness.

raindawg-man-under-a-blue-board-2014-alex-barberMan Under a Blue Board, 2014. Image courtesy of Alex Barber.

raindawg-glasscock-2015-renee-cosetteGlasscock, 2015. Image courtesy of  Renee Cosette.

Top Image: Affair with a Support Column, 2013. Image courtesy of Alex Barber.

Artist website: Raindawg