Abel Azcona

Abel Azcona is a spanish interdisciplinary artist specially bonded to performance art, his work, though, explores and focuses great attention to the aesthetic results and is therefore related with mediums such as photography, videoart, installation and sculpture. His art work has been presented in various museums, contemporary art centers, galleries and artistic spaces from countries all over the world like Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Denmark, United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, Poland, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, United States of America, China, Philippines and Japan.

His work is usually defined under two axises explored between one another through a constant synergy: autobiographical and critical. This makes his work highly heterogenous, and renders it as a personal portrait. This thoughts find in art a tool for criticism, but also a tool for self knowledge that questions reflections about society in which they are involved. Azcona invites the public to share their experience dragging them to his inner world.

abel-azcona-la-confesion-2016-courtesy-of-the-artistLa Confesion, 2015. Image courtesy of the artist.

abel-azcona-empathy-and-prostitution-2015-courtesy-of-artistEmpathy and Prostitution, 2014. Image courtesy of the artist.

Top Image: Seropositivo, Image courtesy of the artist.

      Artist website: Abel Azcona